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Adhering to the spirit of
enterprise, respect, responsibility
honesty and harmony

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Cultural design with the starting point of company development

Xishi Mission:

Bloom the beauty of stone, decorate the soul of buildings, and create a better home.

Xishi Vision:

Integrated service provider leading in the global stone and decoration

Cultural design with the starting point of how to survive for an enterprise:

Xishi Spirits:

Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Harmony.

Respect: Do not do to others what you do not want to be done to yourself;

Responsibility: Respect work and enjoy company, and do not decline to shoulder a responsibility;

Honesty: Be honest and upright, and practice what you preach;

Harmony: Seek harmony in diversity and joint development.

Cultural design in the corporate affairs:

Talent concept: give full scope to the talents, and enable the capable man to hold the suitable position.

Xishi Service concepts:

Quality first, Service first and Credit first.

Quality first: High qualification, high standard, high precision, high quality

Service first: The beginning of service is the start of business

Credit first: The most effective capital is our credit, which works with us all time.